Security Company Offers Tips to Deter Home Break-ins

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own homes.  Unfortunately in today’s society, homeowners have to take extra steps to protect their home and loved ones.  There are simple precautions to take and guidelines to follow which will keep your home from becoming a target for break-ins; and a security company has a role to play in helping to protect your home.

  • DO NOT keep a spare key hidden outside.  Although the idea of a spare key seems like a good one, it can give a burglar easy access to your home.  Under flower pots, rocks, and doormats, seem like great locations to hide a key.  Thieves think so too, and these are the first places they will look.  Instead of hiding the spare key, leave it with a neighbor you trust or inside a hidden combination lock box.
  • DO Lock Everything.  Although this may seem completely obvious, the importance of locking up the house cannot be stressed enough.  Forty percent of break-ins occur without using any force to gain entry.  This means that the burglar simply opened a door or window.  Keep doors locked regardless of whether you are inside the home or away at work.  Make sure that all of the windows in the house are properly secured and locked.  Sliding doors may need extra attention since many older versions can simply be popped off of the frame.
  • DO Call on the Professionals.  There is nothing more important than the safety of your home and family.  You use professionals for all kinds of important matters; this should be one of them.  Security company Washington professionals can equip any home with all types of safe guards.  Video surveillance with remote monitoring, alarms, and even medical alert systems will keep everyone in the home a little safer.  And since security systems are so reasonably priced, they are no longer considered a luxury item.
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