Why Rubber Doors Are Great For Industrial Use

Rubber doors are slowly becoming a very popular option for industrial use. They are damage resistant, and they don’t have any hinges, cables, pulleys or tension strings. This is great for industries that deal with a lot of water based products, because unlike metal, rubber doesn’t rust or corrode over time. There are no hinges to replace, no tension springs to monitor and no drums to check. Rubber doors also come with an emergency hoist, which is very beneficial if you should ever experience difficulty with your door.

Quiet, Smooth, and High Security

Rubber doors are very secure. They cannot be easily broken into, and many models come complete with galvanized guides for added strength. Over time, metal doors can rust and squeak as the hinges become worn. This can quickly become very irritating, and the only way to fix the problem would be to oil the hinges or to replace the system altogether. With rubber doors, you don’t experience this. The door rolls gently onto the rail, making the process easy and hassle free.

The Extreme Durability of Rubber Doors

Rubber doors are very durable. This makes them perfect for industrial use. If a machine backs into a metal or steel door, the jolt from the impact could be enough to cause damage. You may end up with a dent in your door or scratches on your machinery. Metal isn’t a good shock absorber, so the driver may also experience a shock from the impact. Rubber is excellent at absorbing hits. A forklift truck backing into this type of door will not cause half as much damage to the door or your machinery, and the door itself would absorb more impact when compared to metal alternatives. This makes them a very practical choice, and they are also very resistant to harsh weather conditions such as hail and snow. Rubber doors are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, and there are several makes and models to choose from.
Flexible doors that are made from rubber are great for industrial use as well. They are one of the most durable and cost-effective doors on the market.

PerforMax is a quality distributor of flexible doors. They have several models available, and they will install the doors to ensure that they are installed correctly. View their website for further information.

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