Epoxy Flooring is a Durable and Low-Maintenance Material

Restaurant owners often use Epoxy Flooring in their kitchen. The design and the materials are both perfect for keeping the kitchen clean and safe. Epoxy is a poured floor which means that there are no seams or grout lines for bacteria to collect in. This makes cleaning the kitchen floor much faster. The epoxy material itself resists microbes that cause disease. When the floor is installed the contractor can mix in materials that will make it slip-resistant. This is very important in busy kitchens where liquids can often fall on the floor. The contractors also take the epoxy materials up the wall for a few inches so that bacteria and dirt won’t collect where the wall meets the floor. This technique is approved by the Federal Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture as well as local health boards.

Homeowners are also discovering that Epoxy flooring is also a very durable material. They are opting to use it in their garages, basements and even their own kitchens. It is possible for contractors from the Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation to mix in color pigments to match the home’s color scheme. The condition of the concrete floor under the epoxy determines how long the epoxy flooring will last. If the concrete has just been poured then it needs to be given time to properly set and cure. If the concrete floor is older, the flooring contractors will check to make sure that it is clean and has no grease on it. This is particularly important if the epoxy is being applied in a garage where cars have been stored. They will then pour a layer of base coat. Once that has dried, a top coat to protect it will be poured over it.

The poured floor is easy to maintain and should last for decades. The top coat does have to be monitored for signs of wear and scratches. Petroleum-based products can cause it to disintegrate. Obviously, these spills should be cleaned up immediately. Sometimes it’s necessary to reapply a top coat if it becomes dull or scratches appear. This is an easy step for any flooring company and will not take long to complete. The family will spend years enjoying their low-maintenance flooring.


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