Maintain Home Health and Safety with Air Duct Cleaning Rockville

Many Maryland homes have heat pumps that are used for both heating and cooling, including in Rockville. The air vents are commonly installed in the floor, with the accompanying duct-work run underneath. This is the ideal setup for heating, but there is a downside. Floor vents collect dust, dirt, pollen and other contaminants that are tracked into the house via foot traffic. These contaminants are then circulated into the air whenever the heat pump runs. Six out of ten homes contain an unacceptable level of these types of contaminants that can make your family sick. The solution to this problem is Air Duct Cleaning Rockville.

It is common knowledge that services such as Chimney Repair and cleaning are absolutely necessary to maintain a safe and healthy home environment. However, air duct cleaning, which is also vitally important, is often overlooked. Have you ever noticed that after spraying a strong air freshener, deodorant or cologne in one room, the scent quickly fills the entire house, even if the door was closed? The spray particles are too heavy to remain in the air, so they fall to the floor vents, enter the air ducts and get circulated into the other rooms. If this happens with a simple spray product, then what happens with the various illness-promoting contaminants to which each individual room is exposed? By obtaining service for Air Duct Cleaning Rockville, you can be assured of the cleanliness and health of your home’s air.

What are some examples of the contaminants that may originate in each room of the house? The bathroom is a prime source not only for the aforementioned products, but also cleaning products, not to mention a host of bacteria and viruses. Families with small schoolchildren especially know of the perils caused by bacteria and viruses being brought home and constantly spread around in a vicious cycle. The kitchen is also home to cleaning products, bacteria and viruses, and smoke or fumes from cooking. The living room may also be a source of smoke, from a fireplace or tobacco products. There are also chemicals and pet dander found in carpets and furniture. Bedrooms house dust mites and more pet dander; all these contaminants don’t even begin to cover what is found in garages and attics! Fortunately, Air Duct Cleaning Rockville can remove all these contaminants and more, leaving your home much healthier and safer.


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